Pretty Up Your Handstand

Bananas aren’t cool   In this age of technology where I find myself on Instagram a little more than I care to admit, I see on my news feed and recommended videos with the #handstands people doing amazing things but for some reason they haven’t taken the time to actually perfect their basic handstand. When…Continue Reading

Muscle Up

Bar Muscle Up in 4 Steps – PART 3

Part 3 – Muscle up Negatives Once again you will want to use a lower bar that you can get to the top of to complete this exercise as we did with the previous 2 exercises You will need to get to the top of the Muscle Up so you’ll probably need to do your Jumping…Continue Reading

Muscle Up

Bar Muscle Up in 4 Steps – PART 2

Part 2 – Jumping Muscle Up and Straight Bar Dips Exercise 1 – Jumping Muscle Up The jumping muscle up is designed to help you get the feeling of the transition between the pull-up and the dip. For this you will need a bar that is low enough for you to be able to jump and get over the…Continue Reading

3 Beginner Partner Climbing Trust Drills

Fun exercises to maximise the full potential of your most valuable training aid What would you call your most valuable training aid? Climbing shoes? Finger board? Power balls? Maybe, but I call mine Swena. That’s right, without a shadow of a doubt I’d say that my single most important asset that’s proven to be most…Continue Reading

Muscle Up

Bar Muscle Up in 4 Steps – PART 1

The Muscle Up. Sounds pretty cool right, the name says it all really. ‘Muscle Up’. Who doesn’t want to be able to do that! The muscle up is one of the first moves that everybody I meet who is getting into calisthenics wants to nail. It’s always at the top of their list. It’s like…Continue Reading