Rings, Injury, Bent Arm Planche

Overcoming Injury, My Story

So for this weeks blog I thought I would share my personal story in overcoming an injury that set me back a long, long way and taught me some rather valuable lessons. The Injury The injury occurred in June 2014 where after spending a Friday afternoon training at Langley Park I suffered a nerve impingement injury…Continue Reading

Using Bodyweight strength applying length and leverage in the Human Flag

Bodyweight Fundamentals

Bodyweight training has recently become en vogue. In the fitness world it’s everywhere, it’s plastered all over social media, Functional Fitness areas are appearing in gyms, CrossFit boxes are employing Gymnastic Coaches, UFC fighters are employing Movement Coaches and doing Bodyweight training. Here at Movement Co. it’s particularly relevant. We have three Full-time Bodyweight Coaches,…Continue Reading

Hannibal For King at Street Workout Park doing Planche Pushups

What is Calisthenics or Street Workout?

What is Calisthenics? When I tell people that I teach Calisthenics for a living I usually come across two differing reactions. The first reaction is usually accompanied by a raised eyebrow coupled with a confused or concerned look upon where the person in question will ask if I mean the Calisthenics that involves ‘twirling ribbons,…Continue Reading

Avoiding Information Overload

We live in the information age, anything you want to know is literally at your fingertips at any time be it day or night. You want to know how to do an exercise you can look up a tutorial on YouTube. Looking for a recipe, simple just look at Google and you’ll have a variety…Continue Reading

You don’t know what you don’t know!

Getting in touch with your muscles No (despite what is suggested in the picture above) I am not going to suggest that you start caressing your body in a loving fashion, well at least not in public anyway. What I am going to talk about here relates to mindfulness and creating the mind body connection….Continue Reading

Finding Your Peace of Yoga

HAAAAAAAA, leading with pun’s in titles is always a good start. If you didn’t scope last week’s post I ended with the cliffhanger that is, ‘What do I think while I handstand?’ This I will answer before the post is out, I promise but first I would like to talk a bit about Yoga and…Continue Reading