Injury and learning

Getting injured is a setback. Also, it’s a great opportunity to learn. For this week’s blog, I’m going to reflect on the events that have led up to my shoulder injury I’m currently healing from. To start with I’m going to reflect on a quote from one of my favorite authors – Douglas Adams, the…Continue Reading

How do coaches train

Many people have asked, how do you train? Is it the same as the classes? Well, the short answer is no. The classes you experience, are designed to be safe, fun, entertaining and challenging. Our training, while we would like it to be entertaining usually doesn’t prioritise fun. As coaches we have limited time to train,…Continue Reading

Olympic Gymnast vs Us

Olympic Gymnasts, the superhumans and us. The Olympics have concluded, we were all wowed by some of the best athletes in the world. Watching the diving and gymnastics many of us probably starting thinking – it doesn’t look that hard, they make it look easy and towards the end of the olympics, once we become…Continue Reading

World Record

Chin-ups for Charity – World Record Attempt

Today I’m talking to Chris Borgese. I first met Chris 3 years ago at a meetup with the Gold Coast Bar Alliance whilst I was on a family holiday. Aside from being ridiculously strong and a great guy Chris is the Director of City Adventures which is a Team Building company in the GC. The…Continue Reading

Are you having fun?

Here at Movement Co we train hard, whether it be for overall strength, cardiovascular work, core, strength explosiveness, flexibility & mobility you name it we will be doing it. After all in order to move forward and progress we need to be pushing our limits to force those adaptations. But we also place an real…Continue Reading

Being a beginner

Being a beginner Being a beginner at something is my favourite time of life. The learning curve is very satisfying – I’m out of my comfort zone and most importantly my understanding of real is challenged every step of the way. Living and life It’s one of those things in life, we all seek to become…Continue Reading

Whats your Motivation?

Motivation We all have it in some form right – otherwise why would we haul ourselves out of bed on cold winter mornings to make the pilgrimage into the gym – dive into a pool or maybe pound the pavement in the dark. Motivation can come in many forms and it can be different for…Continue Reading