Want the freedom to move better?

What do we do?

We help you develop the strength, mobility and skill to move the way YOU want to move

Bodyweight training to improve your upper body strength and develop a lean, gymnastic body.

Weigh training to improve your lower body strength and develop a powerful, athletic body.

Handstand training to improve balance and skill and develop a balanced, flexible body.

Mobility training to improve flexibility and develop a pain free, mobile body.

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What is movement training?

At Movement Co we have 5 primary programs


Movement Fundamentals - our beginner friendly intro classes designed to introduce new students to the fundamental movement patterns and terminology from our Handstands and Bodyweight classes.

Core movements: Wall Handstand | Hanging | Pullup Progressions | Dip Progressions | Ring Basics


Bodyweight - upper body strength training using rings, bars and the floor designed to help you master your own bodyweight and achieve amazing feats of strength and skill

Core movements: Muscle Up | One Arm Chin | Handstand Pushup | Front Lever | Side Lever (Flag) | Planche


Weightlifting  - lower body strength training using barbells and weights to build a strong, powerful and athletic lower body

Core movements: Deadlift | Back Squat | Bench Press | Clean and Jerk | Snatch


Handstands - drills and movements designed to develop the necessary strength, mobility and body awareness to balance a freestanding handstand

Core movements: Handstand | Tuck Handstand | Press Handstand | One Arm Handstand


Mobility - active and passive loaded and unloaded movements designed to improve joint strength through a full range of motion

Core movements: Front Split | Middle Split | Pancake | Head to Toe | Back Bridge | German Hang

Get started with our 28 Day Movement Fundamentals Program

How does it work?

STEP #1: Fill out the application form below and someone from our team will call to you tell you more about our programs and answer any questions you may have.


STEP #2: Once you have signed up we will book you an Intro Session before your first class so we can get to know you better and discuss your goals, determine how we can best serve you and make a plan for you to get the most out of your first month.


STEP #3: After your Intro Session we can book your first class and you can begin to experience all of the amazing classes we have to offer at Movement Co. We recommend starting with either Movement Fundamentals, Weightlifting or Mobility.


STEP #4: Towards the end of your 28 days you can book in for a Goal Setting Session to find out which classes and movements you loved training most and help you choose the appropriate membership to achieve your movement goals

Get started with our 28 Day Movement Fundamentals Program