Movement Co started as a dream to unite the very best elements of human movement in one amazing facility. With our state of the art movement facility in Osborne Park and an incredible team of coaches from a diverse range of backgrounds, we have realised that dream.

Movement Co offer a range of classes including strength and conditioning, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics and climbing. These five core disciplines will form the foundation of your movement journey with us. Individually they are all excellent methods of getting stronger, faster and improving your movement. When combined they create the perfect synergy of speed, strength and control that will help you redefine what is possible and move closer to mastery of yourself and your environment.


“To redefine human possibility by enabling ordinary people to achieve extraordinary movement.”

At Movement Co we don't believe in impossible. Our goal is to help our members redefine their self-imposed limits and challenge them to explore their boundaries to develop exciting new ways to move they never thought possible.


“To enable 10,000 ordinary people to become extraordinary movers”.

Pushing boundaries has always fascinated us as human beings. That burning desire to explore new places and reach new heights people have never reached before. Movement Co has been designed so that you can pursue amazing new ways to move and embark on a journey to master yourself and your environment. By selecting some of the best coaches in Perth who have trained with the world’s best movers our members are provided with world class training in a safe and controlled environment where you can continuously grow as a mover.

Whether you are a beginner just starting your movement journey or an experienced mover pursuing new progressions on your path to mastery our coaches can design you a program to help you reach your goals and beyond.