Jacob Moffitt

Head Strength Coach

About Jacob ...

Jacob had a simple dream. A kickass facility to train all the types of movement he loved in one place. After dropping out of an engineering degree and studying a Cert 4 in Fitness in 2013 that dream started to take shape. Together over the past few years Jacob has assembled a dream team of movement coaches from Perth and designed an incredible facility to make his dream a reality.

Over the past few years Jacob has tried many different activities including being a Rifleman in the Army Reserve, completing the Busselton Half Ironman in 2014 and competing in a number of CrossFit competitions in Perth. None of these activities where quite what he was looking for though so he began designing the ultimate training method that combines all of the best forms of human movement onto one facility.

That is how Movement Co was born and the motto to Redefine Possible is a direct reflection of Jacob's attitude that no matter your age, weight, gender, disability or lifestyle you can achieve things that you never thought were possible if you put your mind to it!

Harry Williams

Head Hand Balancing Coach

About Harry ...

Harry is a student, practitioner and a teacher of movement and specialising in handstanding and mobility for Movement Co. He is a student of the movement giant, Ido Portal and bases a lot of his own teachings off the Ido Method and his movement culture. Harry also practices the Wim Hof Method and has an extensive background in yoga. Harry brings a holistic approach to how he teaches - considering strength, mobility, flexibility and mind-set to be all equal partners while progressing people through a systematic approach to movement development. Harry has given workshops all over Australia in handstands and movement and frequently travels (all over the world) to learn. He trains 4-7 hours a day and doesn’t show signs of slowing on learning and developing for himself and his students. He has online students from all corners of the world studying under his own approach on movement and health - his students range from the elite working on high level hand balancing to the injured looking to rebuild and learn to touch their toes. This isn’t just a hobby or passion for Harry, this is his literal life.

Ben Westbrook

Gym Manager
Head Parkour Coach

About Ben ...

Ben is a climber and Traceur (parkour practitioner) with a background in martial arts, he has a deep rooted love of all forms of movement with a passion for agility and efficiency.

With a strong focus on blending the physical and mental conditioning of parkour with the strengths and techniques of climbing, he will work with you to help add some new perspective to your training.

Jason Ahipene

Head Calisthenics Coach

About Jason ...

In 2012 Jason had a light bulb moment when he stumbled across a YouTube clip of Hannibal For King and Hit Richards performing Calisthenics in a ghetto gym/playground.

Ever Since that fateful day Jason has spent time, sweat & possibly some tears immersing himself in Calisthenics, Ring Training, Handstands and Bodyweight movement in general.

Fitness became no longer about being fit, having abs or having big guns now it was about having control of your body and seeing what amazing things you could do with it. The most important thing was that fitness became fun!

This was the final catalyst for Jason to make the move into becoming a Personal Trainer and Coach.

Nowadays you will generally find Jason hanging around on bars, standing upside down, grappling with some rings or eating as much food as he can find in the Movement Co. fridge.