Planche for Beginners

Planche progressions for beginners

The planche is one of the elite body weight skills that many desire, few pursue and even fewer ever succeed in executing the full position. The planche requires a very high level of core and shoulder strength. In order to reach the required strength there are many exercises we can employ.


You may have read Clancy’s blog about his planche here ( ). All things going well you’ve taken Clancy’s drills and are now making these movements part of your daily life. However if that’s not the case but you’d still love to progress towards a planche then this blog is for you. I’m going to share 5 exercises that you should be doing every day to build the foundation required for a planche.

Exercise 1 – Wrist preparation

Wrists are the first thing to pay attention to, your hands are the contact point with the floor, through your wrists you will control your entire body. Check out Harry’s blog on wrist conditioning, we need to do this every day.

Exercise 2 – Straight arm push ups

Developing strength where your arms join your torso is essential to controlling your body in a planche. This is usually referred to as scapular strength but really there are a lot of muscles working hard to stabilise your shoulders through this movement. If this is too easy for you, try adding a resistance band. Aim to complete sets of 8 – 12 reps for 3 or more sets.


Or if that’s too easy – try adding some resistance!



Exercise 3 – Planche leans

Working wrist flexibility as well as raw upper body strength is what the planche lean is all about. Essentially this is a much harder variation of the plank. Aim to complete 30 second leans for as many sets as you can.


Exercise 4 – Planche sliders

The planche slider combines the planche lean with the straight arm push up and adds some spicy core work. Aiming to complete 3 – 5 unbroken reps per set for as many sets as you have time for.




Exercise 5 – Tuck planche

Once planche sliders become easier it is time to think about getting your feet off the ground. This is where the tuck planche comes in. If you’ve prepared your shoulders and core correctly this move should be fairly doable. Aim to hold the position for about 10 secs at a time for as many sets as you have time and energy for.


So you’ve made the call, you’d like to get your planche sorted? Follow these exercises every second day and see how you go.


See you in class


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