Kids Parkour Academy




What is Kids Parkour Academy?

For Term 1, 2022 we are excited to offer our super popular Kids Parkour Academy program.

Parkour Academy is one of the most fun and affordable after-school programs for your child.

We continue to make improvements and additions to the program based on feedback from students and their parents and we are proud to have some of the best Parkour coaches in Perth.


When is Kids Parkour Academy?

Term 1, 2022

10 Week Program

Monday 31st January - Saturday 9th April 2022

4pm: 7-9 yrs - 3 SPACES LEFT
5pm: 10-13 yrs
6pm: 9-13 yrs (Advanced)* 

4pm: 5-6 yrs
5pm: 7-9 yrs
6pm: 14-17 yrs

4pm: 7-9 yrs
5pm: 10-13 yrs
6pm: 9-13 yrs (Advanced)*

4pm: 5-6 yrs
5pm: 10-13 yrs

4pm: 7-9 yrs
5pm: 9-13 yrs (Advanced)*

11am: 5-6 yrs
12pm: 7-9 yrs
1.30pm: 10-13 yrs

*Students must be Level 3+ to enter the Advanced class.

GREEN = 6+ spaces remaining
ORANGE = 5 or less spaces remaining
RED = 0 spaces remaining

Last updated: Friday 14th January 3:00 PM

How much does it cost?


$199 per child
  • Ages 5-17
  • 10 x 60 minute Kids Parkour Academy classes (valued at $175)
  • Level 1 Grading Book (valued at $15)
  • Movement Co Kids T Shirt (valued at $30)

We love to see siblings train together and want to make our classes accessible to families so if you enrol multiple children use the code PARKOUR FAMILY to save 10%

How to book

Frequently Asked Questions

We have come up with this list of common questions from parents to put you at ease so you know your favourite little people are in the best hands. We want your children to learn awesome new skills and have an amazing time, but we are also very serious about helping them develop in a safe and comfortable environment.

How long are the classes?

60 minutes

Can you attend more than one session per week?

Yes. Simply book your child in for the 2 class per week option.

What if we can't attend a session during the term?

We will no longer be offering make up sessions in the event that you miss a class due to illness, travel or schedule conflicts. Accomodating makeup sessions in the past has caused some of our classes to exceed their capacity which detracts from the experience of the regular students in that class.

What if I have more than 1 child?

We love seeing kids play with their brothers and sisters.

We offer a 10% discount if you enrol more than one child from the same family.

Use discount code: PARKOUR FAMILY

Can my child who is not participating in the class play on the equipment?

Unfortunately no. During the class our attention is with our students and it is impossible and dangerous to try supervise additional kids. It also distracts the class participants. 

Please note that this includes swinging on rings, hanging from bars and kicking/throwing balls around. We completely understand that sitting still for an hour for young siblings can be quite challenging if they aren't doing the class but we try out best to balance that with as calm and open a space as possible for our regular members. 

Do parents need to hang around during class?

No, you are more than welcome to drop off your kids and come pick them up afterwards. We understand that for some of the younger kids it is nice to have a parent around especially if they are new to training at Movement Co so we have designated an area for parents to sit, relax and watch class.

In order to minimise the number of people on the gym floor please refrain from sitting anywhere outside our "Parents Corner" including the light blue sled track and the rubber tiled area near our Strength and Conditioning area - these areas are for our members to use and it can be dangerous and challenging if too many people are around.   

What do they need to wear?

Closed in footwear and clothing suitable for playing outdoors is perfect. Some aspects will be barefoot but most classes involved equipment where shoes are compulsory for safety and comfort.

Can children play on the equipment and practice after class?

Unfortunately no. Due to safety reasons we do not allow children to play on equipment after class, even if directly supervised by their parents. The coaches don't want to see anyone get hurt while they are not watching and they don't want bad skills or techniques to be picked up outside of class.

How many kids per class?

To ensure a safe environment and to maximise your child's development we limit our classes to a student to teacher ratio of 10:1. On rare occasions when a coach is sick we may need to have bigger groups but we believe our students get the best experience when in smaller groups where we can maximise their engagement. 

Is Parkour just for boys?

No! Gone are the days where boys play with toys and girls play with dolls. Parkour and movement is for everyone and we love seeing young girls having fun being active. It is also a very effective cross training method for girls looking to excel in ballet, netball, gymnastics or other sports.

Who are the coaches?

We pride ourselves on having some of the best and most experienced coaches in Perth. Coach Bryce is our Head Parkour Coach and has taught kids for several years. Our assistant coaches Mohammad, Cody, Ivan, and Julian are all highly experienced and qualified and have a diverse range of skills and experiences to bring to the program. 

What safety measures do you take?

Some gyms are super padded and squishy and don't have any similarities to the real world of concrete floors, brick walls and metal bars. Why? Because they want to keep kids "safe". But we know that kids are going to want to do parkour, freerunning or tricks at school, in the playground and on the streets where there are unforgiving and dangerous surfaces. Our kids movement program isn't designed to teach kids how to bounce and tumble and land on soft, squishy surfaces. We want to prepare them for the real world they will be playing in.

With that said, we pride ourselves on delivering very low injury rates by teaching children how to have fun whilst taking calculated and responsible risks. That is where our coaches come in. We will teach them the safest, proven methods of tackling obstacles, jumping off blocks, rolling on landing and swinging between bars to ensure they get the best experience possible and learn real life skills.

With that said we do have a number of crash mats and softer blocks which we use above certain heights and for unfamiliar movements, especially for the younger kids, so that they can learn in a less intimidating environment. 

Can parents get involved in the class and help out?

No. Under normal class conditions we would appreciate if parents did not get involved or attempt to assist their children as it may interfere with their learning. If your child has special requirements and needs additional support then please discuss it with your child's coach prior to class and they will be happy to make it work. 

Of course, in the event of an emergency or injury parents are permitted to attend to their child as required.