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What is movement training?

Our training system is simple:

  • Bodyweight training to develop insane upper body strength
  • Strength and Conditioning to build a strong and athletic lower body
  • Mobility training to improve joint strength through a full range of motion

What we do


Coach lead classes with tailored progressions and regressions to suit all levels of strength, mobility and experience.

Capped at 16 participants to allow maximum attention to detail to every student.

Open Gym

Focus on your own movement practice using our full range of strength and conditioning equipment and world class bodyweight training facilities.

Open 7 days per week

Private coaching

Our coaches are also available for:

  • Personal Training (1:1)
  • Small Group Training (2-4 people)
  • Online programming

Our classes

Inspired by the best movers in Gymnastics and Calisthenics, you will use your own bodyweight plus simple equipment such as rings, bars and the floor to build a strong, mobile and high performing upper body.

Our Strength class combines the most effective functional training tools like barbells, kettlebells and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to build a strong, powerful and athletic lower body.

There is no point having a strong, powerful body if you can't use it. Our Mobility class is designed to unlock your full range of motion and build strength at your end range to help you move without pain or restriction.

The goal of our Handstands class is simple ... to develop the strength, mobility and body control required to achieve a consistent freestanding Handstand.

A free 90 minute class for our community that combines elements of our Bodyweight, Strength, Handstands and Mobility classes as part of our Movement Matters program that raises money for local charities.

Learn to run, jump, climb and swing your way from point A to point B as efficiently as possible in a safe but fun and challenging environment.

7 Day Trial - $29

  • Price: $ 29.00
  • $ 0.00

Kids Parkour

  • 60 minute Parkour and Climbing classes taught by experienced Kids Parkour Coaches
  • Progressive 10 week program
  • Ages 5-13
  • Fun and challenging school holiday Parkour and Climbing program
  • Full day (9am-3pm) or single 90 minute sessions available
  • Ages 5-13
  • Fun filled afternoon of Parkour and Climbing guaranteed to be one of their favourite birthdays ever!
  • Groups from 10-30+ children
  • Ages 5+

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