Our Handstand classes do exactly what they promise - they teach you to Handstand.   


But don’t let the simplicity fool you! Learning to Handstand requires consistent practice and application over a long period of time.


It may feel like it is impossible for you to achieve or you may be looking to rediscover your balance after learning to Handstand as a child.


The good news is that there are progressions and drills for all levels of strength and experience.


New students are first introduced to the fundamentals of balancing such as wrist strengthening exercises, shoulder opening mobility work, chest-to-wall endurance hold, body line drills and beginner balance drills. 


The goal for most beginner Handbalancers is a 60 second unassisted Handstand.


Once you can consistently hold your minute Handstand a whole new world of progressions forms the next stage of your handbalancing:


  • Press to Handstand
  • Tuck Handstands
  • Straddle Handstands


The great thing about learning to Handstand is that there are beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions so there is something for every level and there is always something new to learn.

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Class Schedule - September 2023 - Handstands

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