Our classes

Inspired by the best movers in Gymnastics and Calisthenics, you will use your own bodyweight plus simple equipment such as rings, bars and the floor to build a strong, mobile and high performing upper body.

Attributes | Bodyweight

Our Strength and Conditioning class combines the most effective functional training tools like barbells, kettlebells and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to build a strong, powerful and athletic body.

Attributes | S&C

Our Handstands class helps you develop the strength, mobility and body control required to achieve a consistent freestanding Handstand and then progress it towards shapes, entries and more advanced handbalancing movements.

Attributes | Handstands

There is no point having a strong, powerful body if you can't use it.

Our Mobility class is designed to unlock your full range of motion and build strength at your end range to help you move without pain or restriction.

Attributes | Mobility