Movement Co ONLINE

Our programming and coaching, ANYWHERE in the world

How does it work?

  • Follow the exact same program that we use in our classes
  • Levels of difficulty to suit any training level
  • Movement demonstration videos for all movements (600+ videos)
  • Online community to get feedback on form from our coaches and discuss training with other movers



$25 per week
  • Access to all of our Bodyweight, Handstands, Strength and Conditioning and Mobility programs
  • Movement FAQ and feedback on your form via group Telegram chat
  • Discuss your training with our online community of movers
  • Weekly LIVE group Zoom calls to discuss programming and review progress


$60 per week
  • Fully individualised program
  • Individual feedback on your form and progress
  • Your own personal coach

What programs are available?


  • Day 1 - Ring Skills + SAS (Straight Arm Strength)
  • Day 2 - SAS (Straight Arm Strength) + HSPU (Handstand Pushup)
  • Day 3 - Planche + OAC (One Arm Chin)


Level 1 - Suitable for beginners of any levels
Level 2 - Can do a few reps of fundamentals like pullups, pushups and dips
Level 3 - Working on intermediate level movements like muscle ups, tuck planche and chest to wall HSPU
Level 4 - Can do muscle ups, CTW HSPU and weighted pullups and dips
Level 5 - Working on advanced bodyweight skills like freestanding HSPU, full levers and one arm chins


  • Day 1 - Speed (Jumps)
  • Day 2 - Strength (Squats)
  • Day 3 - Power (Clean and Jerk)


Options for Conditioning:



  • Level 1 - Suitable for beginners at any level
  • Level 2 - Beginning to establish some balance but not consistent yet
  • Level 3 - Can consistently hold 20s but not yet 60s


  • Day 1 - Front Split
  • Day 2 - Middle Split
  • Day 3 - Pancake
  • Day 4 - Shoulders