7 Days of Movement

This is where your movement journey begins...

What do you get?


  • Enjoy unlimited access to classes, open gym and flexibility sessions for 7 days

  • Experience any of the amazing classes we have to offer at Movement Co
  • Try as many classes as you like to determine if Movement Co fits your lifestyle and movement goals.

  • Our specialist coaches will guide you through a range of strength exercises, drills and workouts that will challenge, excite and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. 

  • Unwind with our 30 minute Flexibility sessions to improve your mobility and bulletproof your body from injury.

  • OPTIONAL: Complimentary 15 minute one on one goal setting session at the end of your trial to map out the next step of your movement journey


All of that for just $19

Who the 7 Day Trial is for

People looking for a new place to call home who are sick of doing the same old routine or can't stand the idea of going to a traditional gym

Ordinary people looking to achieve extraordinary things with the help of inspiring coaches that will support them every step of the journey

Friendly, everyday people looking for a community of like minded people who don't take themselves too seriously

Who the 7 Day Trial is NOT for

People that love air conditioned 24/7 gyms full of strange machines, rows of cardio equipment and walls of mirrors

People just looking for that shiny new thing to try who will disappear when the next fitness craze comes along.

People who just like to do their own thing and not talk to anyone. Especially people who like to show off and put others down.