Consistency, Patience and more Consistency

The last few months my training took a few steps back due to frustration from lack of progression, I was handstanding less and caring less about it. As handstands are my job and somehow have evolved into a passion of mine I needed to change this. I had to relive what I try to explain to my students (practice what you preach), handstands aren’t learnt overnight, they take months of hard work and dedication. There is no big secret that me and every other handstander has that we are hording from you till you pay us the correct amount, it is weeks to months and sometimes to years to achieve handstand goals. Recently I have been griefed to no end by the infamous one arm and it was only the other day that it really started to click. Before hand I had spent the last 3-6 months training it every day (sometimes over an hour of trying the exact same movement) and not even remotely progressing. It was really starting to get the better of me. I was reading blogs, asking people (problem with Perth, there aren’t very many people here who have a one arm), watching how to’s, etc. Tried everyone’s ‘best drill’ and nothing changed! What did change it though was the bare basics, just spending as much time as humanly possible on it. Spend time under tension, developing the balance and finesse needed to hold this elite position. And now that it is finally starting to happen, let me tell you, all those hours of frustration and anger, all those times I was near yelling self abuse for been weak and inferior all melted away instantly on my first good hold. I feel reborn with my love of handstands and it’s all I do again, every spare second I’m upside down playing and laughing. All that hard work that seemed to be getting nowhere months ago has all been deemed worth it.  

So now I have touched base with my own self and connected to you (the reader) by expressing weakness, I’m going to tell you about your handstand goals.

All you can do is train and then train some more, then try kick up again, then do more wrist drills, then train some more! There is no end to it. Simply put, the road to being an adult handstander is long where reward is far and few between. Let me tell you now though, those little moments of glory make everything worth it. How special and dominate you feel over yourself everytime you maybe not even achieve your goal but get that one micro step closer, the feeling of self satisfaction is over wheeling to the point that I can’t even begin to describe such. And that feeling is addictive and what keeps you going!

We are all human, it is only normal to become angry, saddened and upset over not achieving your goals. The moral of the story is consistency, patience and hard work do pay off. We live in an instant society where we are used to getting what we want when we want it and when it doesn’t happen we are left like spoilt toddlers (bad Wifi connection is a good example of this that happens to everyone near every day). So to have something that you have to work towards is truly a necessity of being human. It is a humbling experience that brings you back to the simple joys of life. So keep training, don’t stop especially if others are progressing and you seem like your are regressing (that is the most important time to keep going) and we all need that little reminder once in awhile, nothing beats that cheesy “Can DO!” attitude.

One Love


First real one arm

2 responses to “Consistency, Patience and more Consistency”

  1. Lewis Yost says:

    Good post Harry

  2. Jenelle says:

    This was a brilliant read. Thank you. I can relate, though not at all with handstands, it makes for a pretty good and clear metaphor.
    Jenelle x

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