5 Top Tips for training Street Workout

Today’s blog post comes from Marcos Torres. Marcos is a member of the Perth Calisthenics Community and today Marcos is going to give his 5 top tips for training Street Workout (also referred to as Calisthenics)


For those who love the bar.

My name is Marcos Torres. I’m originally from New Jersey and now live in Perth, Western Australia. I started training Street Workout two years ago and fell in love right away.

Now let me give you some background on my fitness journey. As a teenager I enjoyed weight lifting and practiced karate, boxing, and I wrestled in High School. When I graduated HS I joined the US Army and served for 4.5 years. After I got out I stopped training until my wife convinced me to sign up with her to do the Tough Mudder. We signed up together and I started training again. Having that goal was the only thing that kept me focused though.

For some reason, I just couldn’t stay committed to any training program. Lifting weights always got boring after a few weeks and being a natural ectomorph I had to eat like a trillion calories just to gain a pound so I always got discouraged. However, this time I was determined to stick it out. I kept training and even got certified as a Personal Trainer. However, the passion just wasn’t there. But then a friend introduced me to Frank Medrano and from there I was catapulted into the subculture of Street Workout.

Having trained Street Workout for 2 years now (technically 3 though I don’t count the first year as you’ll later see) I have learned a few things along the way. Below are my top 5 tips for training Street Workout.

My 5 Top Tips for training Street Workout

Having an intelligent system of progression is super important. Its not the end of the world if you don’t have one, but it is really helpful. How will you reach the muscle-up, for example? Do you just hop and a bar and spend the next year desperately trying to get over it with no visible signs of progress? Or do you have a progressive system where you are meeting goals, achieving victories, and all the while moving closer to your objective? The first method may work for some people, but for most it would only take a matter of weeks before they gave up. So when you are trying to master a particular movement, do some research and find the progressions that will help you get there.

4. Remember, everyone is different.

Some people find human flags easy, others take ages to master them. Personally, I have managed to achieve the L-sit, Dragon Flag, Pistol Squat, Muscle -Up, Clutch Flag, Toes to Bar, Archer Pull-Up, Back Clap Pushups, and other movements with reasonable effort. But while I have been consistently progressing in each of those movements one has repeatedly escaped me: the handstand. For some reason, I just cannot hold a handstand consistently no matter how hard I try (and I have been trying for about a year). However, other people I know can hold a handstand without any problems while struggling to get other moves. And then of course, there’s the guy who is just good at all the moves. And yes, we all hate him.

5. Be your own competition.

I can’t stress this enough. Don’t look at guys like Frank Medrano, Adam Raw, or Hannibal for King and think “I’ll never be that good”. I recently saw an interview with Small Spartan from the BarSparta crew. I was shocked to hear him say that he trains for five hours a day. An likewise, most of the guys competing in the higher levels of Street Workout train for many hours each day. Personally, I will never have that much time to train. This means that I will never progress as fast, or possibly as far, as many of these guys do. So I have decided that my competition needs to be against myself, not others. Am I better this month than I was last month? And I steadily mastering difficulty levels? Then I’m good, regardless of how much slower or longer my journey may take.

So there you have it guys! My top 5 tips for training Street Workout.


**This article was originally published at barculturex.com and has been reposted with permission.

If you would like to hear more from Marcos you can read more of his blogs here at Bar-CultureX.com or check out his FaceBook page Bar-CultureX



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