Avoiding Information Overload

We live in the information age, anything you want to know is literally at your fingertips at any time be it day or night.

You want to know how to do an exercise you can look up a tutorial on YouTube. Looking for a recipe, simple just look at Google and you’ll have a variety of recipes waiting to be read.

Never throughout history has it been easier to source information.

No longer do we rely on information being passed on through family and friends, nor do we have to always consult a professional for every little thing we can simply search the internet and come up a myriad of answers.

As fantastic as it is to have instant access to information at all times it does come with a cost.

Quite simply for many people we now have too much information, too many experts with too many conflicting opinions.

This I have found is an all too common occurrence when it comes to Fitness, Health and Nutrition.

Often when we search for answers we end up finding out about more things that we didn’t know before. So you search for some understanding of this new information and you end up winding down a never-ending funnel of other information.

Until you come to this state where you now are unable to apply the information that you were originally searching for in any meaningful way simply because you are too confused.

If this sounds in any way familiar you are in good company, I have been down this road myself many times.

What to do about it?

Here is my suggestion ‘Keep it Simple’

I’m a big fan of Keeping it Simple, we live extremely busy lives with many distractions and it can ultimately be overwhelming. Simplifying your life allows you to alleviate the stress levels and reduce the number of things that we have to think about and deal with on a day too day basis.

So here are some simple suggestions when it comes to Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

  • When doing your grocery shopping, try to stick to the outside of the Supermarket buying as much fresh produce as possible. The more you can do this, generally, the better the quality of your nutrition will be.
  • Of course If you believe that you may have some sort of condition or food allergy, whilst the advice to stick to the outside corridors of the supermarket may help I would strongly suggest to seek the help of a qualified professional. There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there when it comes to food that you can run yourself into all sorts of trouble attempting to correct it yourself.
  • When training reduce the number of different exercises that you do and concentrate more time and effort to the bigger exercises that relate to your immediate goals. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of doing 10 different exercises to build towards one exercise that you could just concentrate on doing in itself. Unsure of how to do this then seek the expertise of a Trainer, Coach or Mentor to assist you.
  • Stretch, for many its a fairly horrid thing to do at times but it’s important in staving off injury and fantastic for our general wellbeing. Not to mention it helps alleviate stress levels and can improve sleep quality.
  • Turn off from work when you get home. Admittedly I have trouble with this one myself, but I have found that when I put my phone out of arms reach and engage with my family more life seems to become a whole lot simpler :).

None of these suggestions are new or exactly earth shattering but hopefully they will help keep things a bit simpler for you.

Thanks Jason

Calisthenics Coach

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