Why you can’t handstand yet

  Why you can’t hold a handstand yet Your wrists are warm, your shoulders stretched. Hands down, squeeze your abs, pushing into the ground, with a gentle kick your legs are up, a few quick corrections and you feel your balance settle through the palms of your hands. You push tall, the shoulders elevate and…Continue Reading

Festive Season Survival Guide

Festive Season Survival Guide 101   The festive season, so often the time when people fall off the exercise and health bandwagon and succumb to the endless festivities and overindulgence. Its happened to us all and yet every year that we go into this period with good intentions we somehow fall into the same traps. It…Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know When Joining a Movement Gym

5 Things You Should Know When Joining a Movement Gym In Perth and around much of the world, there has been a surge in the popularity of alternative gyms. Some people call these gyms ‘movement facilities’ or ‘bodyweight gyms’ or ‘calisthenic gyms’. These places are usually characterized by lots of open space, dirty walls, pull…Continue Reading

Shoulders – the art of being awesome – part 1

Shoulders – The Art of Health, Happiness and Being Awesome – Part 1 If you train calisthenics, bodyweight training, hand balancing, circus arts or really any sort of resistance training that uses your upper body, you will no doubt be very aware of your shoulders and elbows. Hopefully, you are reading this with happy, strong,…Continue Reading

The journey to a handstand

  The 5 exercises you need to start your handstand journey   Learning to handstand can seem like a scary goal. But it doesn’t need to be. A freestanding handstand is achievable for anyone at any level provided that these exercises are followed with patience and consistency. It is a gradual process and the big…Continue Reading