Fitness and Dealing with Anxiety

Todays blog comes from one of our awesome Members Emma otherwise known as "Relatable Miss Renton - A Perth lifestyle blog written by the anxious everyday girl who walks her talk"

Here Emma is going to talk about one of the tools that she uses to help deal with Anxiety. So without any further ado, I'll pass you over to the lovely Emma.

Fitness and Dealing with Anxiety

As someone who suffers with anxiety I understand the frustration that comes from not always feeling in control of my own mind to the point that sometimes (although not too often) it cripples me.

And recently, it got the better of me.

If you’ve not had a panic attack then the best way I can explain it to you is the feeling of so much adrenaline pumping through your body it’s as though it might explode at any given moment. Your senses are heightened, your heart rate is through the roof and your mouth is so dry it’s like you just ate sand. But the worst part isn’t the 3 day headache that comes after or the stiff upper body from where you tensed so hard you thought your head might snap off. Nor is it the shaking or sobbing that ensues. Nope, it’s being so stuck inside your own head and feeling no connection to your body that frightens the absolute life out of me.

And I’m the type of anxious soul who manages SUPER well day to day - in fact you’d probably have a hard time noticing it if it weren’t for how open I am or in my close circle of people. So to imagine it being excruciating to the point that people struggle with leaving their homes or visiting a new place is just heartbreaking.

So when Jason approached me to talk about my perspective on training at Movement Co I jumped at the chance because I’m convinced I’m not the only one who uses the art of movement to overcome their demons.

Fitness is paramount to me maintaining a level head – can you relate? It takes me out of a black hole and into a world where anything is possible and the cool thing about Movement Co is the array of exercises to choose from. It’s like being a kid again only 30 kilos heavier and with a little (a lot!) more caution.

You walk into this open space of fun and mystery and get smacked in the face with adventure! Girls hanging to your right from hoops performing spins and twirls, people tapping into their inner animal doing whacky moves with sticks over on the mats and daredevils warming up on the rings doing moves I can only hope to build up the strength to tackle one day.

Oh and yeah, there’s a parkour section and rock climbing wall?? Bit cool.

My description will never be enough to do this place and its culture justice. The warm nature of every coach alongside their knowledge makes for a winning combo and the friendliness of the members is enough to bring out the best in anyone, even the over thinkers and worriers. Your moves are spotted by a partner who could range from the young teenager I regularly see smashing out free hold handstands to the older woman whipping out pull ups like it’s nobody’s business. Recently I’ve witnessed for myself the importance of getting the culture right and how paramount it is to any business. The happiness and connection a place has with its members truly is what matters the most.

And Movement Co has NAILED it.

I think I can safely say that anyone who has trained at Movement Co has not only learnt how to tackle the rock wall, a snatch and clean or perhaps even a flag, but they have begun to appreciate the strong mind body connection that comes from digging deep into that place before you perform a move. They’ve learnt about the importance of team work and how to encourage your fellow peer and they’ve felt a part of something special.

Movement Co is the new circus in Perth that’s building its family up both physically AND mentally.

Even if you don’t realise it yet.


If you want to hear more from Emma here is a link to her blog website and her Instagram 🙂


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