Why you can’t handstand yet

  Why you can’t hold a handstand yet Your wrists are warm, your shoulders stretched. Hands down, squeeze your abs, pushing into the ground, with a gentle kick your legs are up, a few quick corrections and you feel your balance settle through the palms of your hands. You push tall, the shoulders elevate and…Continue Reading

5 Steps to Your First Ring Muscle Up

5 Steps to Your First Ring Muscle Up Training on gymnastic rings is by no means an easy task. They are uncomfortable to hold, unstable and humbling. Working with gymnastic rings is a serious challenge, they are unique in that they immediately expose your weakness. For this reasons, with the appropriate education, there is no…Continue Reading

Getting High for a Movement

Getting High for a Movement Do you work out to get high? Does that progress towards your goals? At some stage as an athlete, exercise, gym goer, mover or however you identify yourself, you need to ask yourself this question. Many people enjoy the ‘runner’s high’ or endorphin hit that comes after a high-intensity workout….Continue Reading

Take your time, master the basics

Take your time, master the basics In today’s fast pace world of ‘want it now’ and instant gratification, it can be challenging to maintain the practice of patience. Many things we experience give you instant positive feedback, progress is measured in continually shorter periods of time. Development of human movement is not something that can…Continue Reading