Take your time, master the basics

In today’s fast pace world of ‘want it now’ and instant gratification, it can be challenging to maintain the practice of patience. Many things we experience give you instant positive feedback, progress is measured in continually shorter periods of time. Development of human movement is not something that can be rushed. Taking time to train…Continue Reading

Festive Season Survival Guide

Festive Season Survival Guide 101   The festive season, so often the time when people fall off the exercise and health bandwagon and succumb to the endless festivities and overindulgence. Its happened to us all and yet every year that we go into this period with good intentions we somehow fall into the same traps. It…Continue Reading

The journey to a handstand

  The 5 exercises you need to start your handstand journey   Learning to handstand can seem like a scary goal. But it doesn’t need to be. A freestanding handstand is achievable for anyone at any level provided that these exercises are followed with patience and consistency. It is a gradual process and the big…Continue Reading

Ring Muscle Up 101

5 steps to your first Ring Muscle Up The ring muscle up is one of the most common goals we get from new members. Here are the top 5 drills we teach in our Calisthenics classes that have helped dozen of members gets their first ring muscle up.   1. False Grip   The muscle-up…Continue Reading

Goal Setting

How To Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve This Year

“Studies have shown that over 90% of people DON’T achieve their New Years goals.” Most people are heading back to work this week and that typically spells the end of their resolutions. Studies have shown that over 90% of people DON’T achieve their New Years goals. If you fear you will be one of them read on as I share some of…Continue Reading


Chin Up for Charity – the followup

A while back we ran a feature blog with Chris Borgese who is doing a world record pull up attempt on the 22nd January 2017 (read the first interview HERE) in the Gold Coast. The motivation behind this attempt is to promote awareness for people suffering mental health issues and share LIVIN’s message #ITAINTWEAKTOSPEAK Today…Continue Reading

Interview with Danny Kavadlo

Today we are talking to Danny Kavadlo, if you haven’t come across Danny yet here is a quick introduction for you 🙂 Danny Kavadlo is one of the world’s foremost authorities on calisthenics, nutrition & personal training. He is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling titles STRENGTH RULES and DIAMOND-CUT ABS, along with the…Continue Reading