Take your time, master the basics

In today’s fast pace world of ‘want it now’ and instant gratification, it can be challenging to maintain the practice of patience. Many things we experience give you instant positive feedback, progress is measured in continually shorter periods of time. Development of human movement is not something that can be rushed. Taking time to train…Continue Reading

Festive Season Survival Guide

Festive Season Survival Guide 101   The festive season, so often the time when people fall off the exercise and health bandwagon and succumb to the endless festivities and overindulgence. Its happened to us all and yet every year that we go into this period with good intentions we somehow fall into the same traps. It…Continue Reading

Using Bodyweight strength applying length and leverage in the Human Flag

Bodyweight Fundamentals

Bodyweight training has recently become en vogue. In the fitness world it’s everywhere, it’s plastered all over social media, Functional Fitness areas are appearing in gyms, CrossFit boxes are employing Gymnastic Coaches, UFC fighters are employing Movement Coaches and doing Bodyweight training. Here at Movement Co. it’s particularly relevant. We have three Full-time Bodyweight Coaches,…Continue Reading